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Water Cartage is our Expertise!


Hoad Water Cartage is committed to providing an efficient and responsive service to our customers and stakeholders. Whilst every effort is taken to meet the high customer service standards expected of us, sometimes things can still go wrong. When this occurs, we need to be informed so that every effort can be made to rectify these issues and prevent further shortcomings in the future. One of the ways in which we are committed to this and to continuing to improve our service to you is by listening and responding to your complaints, compliments and comments.



We hope there will be times where we exceed your service expectations and you wish to share that positive experience you have had with our company. We are always pleased to receive your positive comments as it is useful for us to know when we have done a good job so that we can promote good practice throughout our organisation and praise our staff where credit is due.


We want to provide you with the best possible experience and be fully satisfied with the products and services you receive from Hoads Water. If you are not and have a complaint, then we want you to tell us as soon as possible.

We will:

  • Acknowledge your complaint within 2 business working days.
  • Investigate it and respond as quickly as possible with a target of responding within 10 working days.
  • If it is not possible to respond to your issue within 10 working days we will explain why and give you a date by which you can expect a full response.
  • When we contact you, we will also advise you what to do if you are not satisfied with our response.

You may wish to pass comments to us about specific items like our products, services, website etc. We are always pleased to receive these comments as they help to guide and improve our overall offerings.

All feedback provided will be recorded within our administration feedback record system and will be treated confidential and in line with our privacy policy. It will be reviewed and monitored monthly by human resource management, to identify and implement improvements for our directors.

How to give us your feedback


Admin on: +61 -08- 83885846

Write to Hoads Water:

Hoads Water Transport
PO Box 269, Uraidla SA 5142


Information that would help us to deal with your feedback

On this page we have inserted a Customer Survey, please can you insert your comments there.

In order to respond to your feedback, please provide as much of the following information as possible when you contact us:

  • Title & Name
  • Company Name if appropriate
  • Postcode
  • Telephone Number (including dialling code)
  • Email Address
  • Type of feedback:
  • Compliment
  • Complaint
  • Comment

Your feedback is greatly appreciated.

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